Saturday, January 25, 2014

Refashionista | Ugly Pillows to Mossy Oak Pillow

Not only is this post a refashionista project, but it’s also a salvage project from a previously blogged FAIL (Nursing Cover). I originally thought this would be a fun DIY pillow recover post, but my plans quickly changed when I cut open the cover of the first pillow to find crumbly foam bits filling it (see photo just below). I was quite disappointed at first because the project I thought would be so easy looked like it was going to be much more complicated than anticipated.

With a few minutes to think I finally came up with a way I figured would work with the things I had. I was already going to use the fabric from the nursing cover fail to redo these pillows so I just decided to make a big case and then stuff it with the foam bits.

First I cut the two pieces of fabric to be 14x23 inches. Two sides of the fabric were previously sewn together from the FAIL project so I just had to pin the remaining two sides. I went ahead and stitched most of this area up and got it ready to inside out.

I left about a 6 inch gap in the middle, bottom of the pillow to have space to stuff it with the foam bits. This ended up being barely big enough for me to fit my fist full of foam bits in. I laid a big piece of fabric under the pillow so it would catch all the stuffing that kept falling out so I wouldn’t have to pick it out of the carpet later.

You can see the foam bits sticking to the outside of the pillow. I had to really brush it off to get rid of them all.

Once I got the pillow stuffed I pinned the gap shut. I thought I’d be able to stitch it together on my sewing machine, but that proved impossible. I threaded a needle and went after it with some really horrible hand stitching.

I think the stitch I used is called a whip stitch? Either way it was the easiest thing to do to the pillow so that’s why I did it. I put the stitches really close together so that the foam stuff couldn't come out of the pillow.

I am quite pleased with the finished pillow. I honestly didn’t expect it to turn out so well. It’s a tiny bit lumpy, but all things considered it’s really not bad and it is actually perfect for using as a back support pillow in the rocking chair since it has a little give to it from the foam bits. I’m completely happy with how it turned out!

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