Monday, January 27, 2014

Little Man's Room, Part 2

Not too long ago I shared with you all the remaking of Little Man's Room. We had a long process of tearing out wallpaper, scraping off pop corn ceiling, texturing the walls and ceiling, and then painting everything. It took quite a bit of time, but the end result was SO worth it!

I had everything in the living room the week we painted his room so I could get it all sorted.

As promised I'm back with photos of moving in the baby furniture & putting away Little Man's things in his closet and dresser. Sorting out all the clothes I had found over several months through yard sales and thrift stores was quite a task! Putting it all away wasn't too hard, but I did have trouble remembering which drawer I put what in.

Demi is checking out the baby changing table. He found it quite interesting & fun to play on as you will see below!

Emerald wasn't quite sure what to make of the new baby stuff. Notice my baby belly on the right? :)

We have a few stuffed animals for Little Man. They perched on the dresser until I could find a better place for them.

These are the blocks I found at a yard sale this fall. They sat on the dresser until I found a better place for them.

Demi LOVES the changing table! And he found a new way to play with the strings to the blinds.
Yes those are pink blinds, we hadn't changed them out for the new ones at this point.

I'm not really sure what Demi is doing here...

Again Demi is playing and it involves the changing table.

This is the view coming into the room. The bed isn't set up at this point because we had lost a few pieces in the move.

This is the view from where the baby bed is in the previous photo.

This changing table was found at a yard sale over the summer for $20 and it matches the bed perfectly!

Here we have the top shelf in Little Man's closet. I have yet to redo the closet the way I want, but for now it works.
On the shelf we have a box of MUCH bigger clothes (like 2T, 3T and so on), the diaper bag has a breast pump kit in it, the car seat covers are next, and finally we have our new diaper bags which were a gift from a good friend of mine.

All of these clothes are bigger than 0-3 months. I have them hanging since it'll be a few months before we need them.

I think his tiny shoes are adorable!
These probably wouldn't fit him for awhile, but I got them at deals that were too good to pass up!

In this drawer I have his bath towels and wash cloths.

In this drawer I have the little baby things, burp cloths, and teething rings.

These are all the newborn size clothes & the socks.

These are the 0-3 month onesies and pants.

These are all the sleepers, most of them are 0-3 months but I have one or two the next size up.

Because it's nearly impossible to fit shorts on the hangers
I just put them in the drawer instead of with the other too big clothes. 

The baby blankets!

It was fun to finally be able to put away all the things I'd spent months collecting for Little Man. I'm really glad the dresser has so many drawers. Two or three of them are still empty, but I'm sure they will fill up the older he gets.

Eventually I want to redo the closet, but that is for another time. The dresser probably needs to be sanded and refinished, but again...that's a project for another day! I'm quite pleased with how his room came along. I'm sure you saw the post where I made a pillow for the rocking chair. That was the first 'decor' item I had in his room. I still have to finish decorating. That is taking much longer that I thought it would, but I'll eventually have it done and then I'll share photos!
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  1. Aaaaww... That little row of shoes is so cute!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you!! They look so big next to his feet! I can't believe they'll actually fit him before the year is out. It just seems too fast! He should stay a baby forever lol.

  2. Just perfect for him to grow up into!
    The little pile of baby books reminded me of my younger years- I had (have) that same little book on the top!
    And I love the Beatrix Potter diaper bag! :)


    1. Oh that's neat! I think my mom found that one for him. I love the Beatrix Potter stories. I want to get them eventually.

  3. There are those kitty cats! You're making great progress. I am working on getting the nursery completed so I can feature it on my blog! P.S. just added your button. :o)


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