Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Little Man's Room Ideas

As some of you may remember, I shared a post back in August of some ideas I had for a baby's room. Of course at that time I was thinking of doing something which would easily work for either a boy or girl since I thought I was going to paint the room before we found out what we were having. The project of tearing out the old wallpaper, scraping the popcorn texture off the ceiling and then re-texturing the walls and ceiling has taken much longer that I thought...mostly because I'm not really in a hurry to get it done so long as it's done by the time the baby gets here.

Light sage green & Mossy Oak fabric for baby's quilt.

Since we found out we're having a boy I went back to my Pinterest board of Boys Room Ideas and found new inspiration for our little man's room. We've decided to go with a hunting camo theme and I've been slowly getting things together towards that goal. I purchased 4 yards of Mossy Oak fabric and 4 yards of the light sage green fabric, both of which you can see in the photo just above. I am planning on making a quilt for his bed and curtains for the window with these fabrics. I'm very excited to have found hunting camo fabric! I have yet to start on the quilt, but I think I know how I'll be piecing it together so when I do start work on that I'll share some photos. I've looked up hunting camo quilts and there's really nothing cute or creative out there that I've been able to find so I'm just using a pattern from a sample quilt I made when I was 16.

All the furniture I have for the baby's room (crib, changing table, rocking chair, and dresser) are in the same color wood which is amazing since the crib is mine from when I was a baby, the changing table was bought at a yard sale over this summer, the rocking chair was my aunt's and is on loan from my mom, and the dresser came from my older brother. I don't have any pics of them right now since it's all sitting in my garage waiting for the room to be finished so I can wipe off the spider webs and move it in the house or more like have hubby move it in the house!

{photo via Distro Home}

One piece of furniture I don't have, but really would love to have is a bookshelf much like the one you see in this photo. Backless or not, that doesn't matter. The problem is I don't know what color shelf to get since nothing on WalMart.com or anywhere else I've looked would match the other furniture I already have. If I was rich I'd probably just buy boards and make my own bookshelf and then paint it in a color that would go with the theme of the room.

I really don't have any decor for the room yet, but I have a lot of ideas of things I like and some of them would probably be easy DIY projects if I ever found energy enough to work on them. Here are a few photos from a Pinterest search of 'hunting baby's room'. I've pinned all or most of these to my Boys Room Ideas board which is linked above.

{photo via The Winthrop Chronicles}

This is a decor item I'd have to wait and make after the little man is born, but it is totally on my to do list because I love how it has all those numbers in one place so you won't ever have to worry about forgetting them! Of course I would do them in colors corresponding with the bedroom theme, but LOVE the idea regardless!

{left photo via Another Shade of Grey}
{right photo via Pinterest}

I really think the deer stenciled on wood is awesome! I don't know if this is something I'd find and buy or attempt to make, but I like it and its for sure on my list of possible decor ideas. I've found a lot more ideas which I've pinned to the board, all of which are awesome!

{photo via Carousel Designs}

I do plan on getting a lamp for the baby's room, but haven't yet. I saw this lamp shade and thought it'd be neat to recover a shade with the Mossy Oak fabric I bought so it would match the bedroom theme. I don't think that would be too hard to do.

Here are some signs or wall art/decor ideas I've found via Pinterest and really like: 

{photo via Pinterest}

{photo via Pinterest}

{photo via Englertandenglert on Etsy}

{photo via Shoppe}

If I did this I'd want it in different colors...but you get the idea.

{photo via AndTheSignSays on Etsy}

{photo via Beyond The Picket Fence}
Of course I have no clue what wall decor we'll actually end up with in the little man's room, but I have been looking at different little shops and stores and haven't found anything along the lines of what I'm wanting. That's okay though since we still have plenty of time to find wall decor.

{photo via Mosquito Creek Outdoors}

This is something I found and think I might actually do... It's cute. It fit's the theme, and yes it's more than $2, but I like it. We shall see if it ends up in the finished room or not!

Well that's my latest collection of ideas for the little man's room. I have a light sage green paint for the walls, the Mossy Oak fabric to make a quilt, curtain, and possibly a lampshade as well... I have most of the furniture I want, and am mostly lacking in wall decor items which is okay because there's still time to find all that.

Any ideas for the Little Man's Room?


  1. I say you buy some inexpensive bookshelves and then paint them cammo style like they do their hunting blinds and what not. Ya know? Leaf painted?

    AND lamp shades are so easy to cover! You can probably find one in a second hand store and recover it cheap.

    How exciting! I LOVE LOVE the theme! That's too cute. Congrats again! :)

  2. I love your mossy oak/cammo idea. It would be something a baby boy could grow into as well through the years.



  3. Hey doll
    how's the pregnancy going? best of luck


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