Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blogging Tips | Bloggers: Use Facebook To Keep Up With Favorite Blogs

This post is for bloggers who use a Facebook page to promote posts from their blog and updates on what is going on with your blog. If you are a blogger who hasn't created a Facebook page for your blog yet, you might find this post interesting... or not! Everyone else, read if you so wish or ignore and you probably won't miss much!

I'm sure that many of you bloggers who read this post already have a Facebook page where you promote your blog... some of you don't (and that's okay), but what I wanted to share with you all today was this marvelous idea I had for keeping up with your favorite blogs using Facebook. Maybe someone has already thought about doing this...but I've never read/seen/heard anything about it and thought I'd share my idea with you.

If you're like me, you're a fairly busy person. You enjoy browsing Facebook to see what all your friends are up to, and to share photos & posts of your own. Because you use Facebook, you've probably already liked your favorite blog's Facebook pages so you can keep up with them. But in all honesty, how often are you able to actually find the posts from those blogs pages when you have to sift through all your friends posts? Not often (unless the Facebook page for that blog is updated regularly!).

I have a simple solution:

Go to the Facebook page you created for YOUR blog, search for the Facebook pages of blogs you like and want to keep up with and 'like' their page with your blog account. Now I do believe that liking a page using a page doesn't count towards their numbers so don't go and 'unlike' their page with your personal account.

You're probably asking why you should do this... well I have a good reason: Your own blog's Facebook page has it's own news feed! If you go through and like the blogs you want to keep up with then all their posts will go to that news feed and you'll have it all in one place and it will be MUCH easier to keep up with the blogs this way that it will be using a personal account. Another bonus to this? You'll be commenting using your blog's Facebook account so people who recognize your blog might be more likely to hop over and see what the latest updates on your blog's Facebook page are!

If you do decide to use this idea you might find it easiest to go through the 'likes' on your personal Facebook page and pull them up in a different browser where you're on your blog's Facebook page so you can easily go through and like them. This is what I did (since you can't be on your personal & blog page at the same time in the same browser). It takes a bit of time, but it's totally worth it!

Over all I think this is a genius idea, but that's just me. Keeping up with your favorite blogs using Facebook has never been easier! All you have to do now when you log in to your personal Facebook account is switch to your blog's page and everything will be there in the news feed!


  1. Good Idea I'm on my way over to set that up. Have a great day!

  2. I have a facebook page for my blog and use it to post when I've written another blogpost. But I hadn't thought about checking my "blog facebook feed" even though I've liked my fair share of other blogs :)
    I'll definitely try to do this more often.

    Love your tips and tricks ^.^
    xo Grace

    1. Oh yay! This is one of my favorite ways to keep up with blogs through facebook.


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