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Little Man's Room, Part 1

This is the only 'before' photo I have of Little Man's room and it was taken after the wallpaper was mostly gone.

When hubby & I moved into our new home I knew which room would be redone first: the baby’s room. We moved in August and at that time we didn't know yet what we were having. We now have a three bedroom house and I knew right away which room would be the baby’s. Unfortunately that room needed a LOT of work. There was white wall paper on all the walls and it had popcorn ceiling which HAD to go. We thought about painting the room a light aqua blue color, but then decided to just wait until we knew if we were having a girl or boy before we painted.

This is the wall with wallpaper on it. It has been sprayed with water (the brown patches) and is almost ready to come off.

The first step in the remaking of the baby’s room was to tear out all the wall paper. This took a lot longer than I expected and took a ton of elbow grease too. When I went to peel off the wallpaper the top part came off and the ‘glue’ stuck to the wall. I had to use warm water and a scraper to peel that stuff off.

Here you can see where the popcorn ceiling was scraped off (top part) and the mud texture is replacing it.

Once the walls were clean it was time to scrape off the popcorn ceiling. I didn't actually do this job myself, but I attempted it before having a friend come scrape the rest of it off for me. She made it look so easy!

The walls were in really bad shape, as you can tell here from the small section that hasn't been textured yet.

The next step was to texture the walls and ceiling with texturing mud. I am pretty good at texturing walls and was really glad this was something I could do that wasn't terribly hard… Well, texturing the walls wasn't hard, but doing the ceiling was a pain.

Hubby starting the painting process for the walls. The ceiling its already done since he did that first.

The final process in the redoing was painting the ceiling & walls. Hubby took on this job and I was quite impressed at how well he did since he’d never painted before. I was nervous about the color at first, but once all the walls had paint on them I felt much better. We went with a light sage green color. It goes really well with the furniture in there!

The furniture was moved in and looks so fantastic with the paint color!

Now that the room has been redone it is time to start putting things away and decorating it! I am excited about this next step and really hope it all comes together well.

Here are a few more photos from the baby room redo project, in case you want to see more!

This photo shows the annoying part of the wallpaper that wouldn't come off unless you literally soaked it in water.

Here is a shot of the ceiling the day after I did the new mud texturing.
The darker spots represent areas that were not dry yet.

Hubby & Demi playing with the paint roller. He was waiting on me to show him how to use the paint stuff.

Hubby working on painting the walls. I was really worried about the color,
but felt much better once all the walls were painted.

Hubby painting along the ceiling. This part was quite tricky!

These are the walls before hubby got to the top part. I was starting to like the color at this point.

Painting around the closet proved a tiny bit difficult, but no paint got on the doors!
We removed the doors to paint the edge around the inside and
when we tried to put them back on we discovered that was a REALLY bad idea!

Demi was very interested in the painting process. Here he is supervising from his perch on the chair.

We used a fancy edger tool to quickly paint along the edges. I LOVED it!
I totally need to buy one since the one we used was borrowed and I had to give it back. It's a time saver for sure!h
Another thing about this shot is you can really see the texturing on the ceiling.

Well that's what I have for now! The next part I plan to share with you will be photos of things put away in the closet and dresser. I'm still working on the room decor. There aren't really any great ideas on Pinterest so putting everything together is taking some time & creativity! When I get the decor finished I'll for sure share pics! I've got a few things in the works, but only one of them is done right now. I didn't realize decorating a boys room with a hunting theme would be so difficult!
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  1. Popcorn ceilings AND wallpaper - that's a LOT of work. I like the idea of using a mud texture. We've been covering our popcorn ceiling with bead board and painting wall in our living room. It's our biggest reno project so far. If you're interested, I'd love if stopped by and shared this at my weekly Show & Tell party. Have a great rest of the week!


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