Monday, January 6, 2014

Date Night | Coffee & Scrabble

I don’t know if you’re a scrabble fan or not, but I sure am! I could play it all the time, but usually I don’t have anyone to play it with and hubby only likes to play on occasion. 

With this awful cold weather it is the perfect time to pull out the Scrabble board (or another favorite board game!), fix yourself a fancy cup of coffee (or buy one from McDonalds!) and start playing!

Grab your board game, a piece of paper and pen/pencil to keep score, a dictionary (or two!), and your coffee. If you already play scrabble you know the rules, if not you can always Google them… but here’s the basic idea: It’s pretty easy. You start with a word crossing over the star and then you add words to it as it is your turn. Words have to have a space between them, and if you’re not sure something is a word or not use the dictionary to look it up and double check (but you can’t use the dictionary to look for words to add to the board!). When you run out of tiles to use or there are no more places to add words the game is over. Blank tiles can be used as any letter.

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