Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snacking Healthy | Banana Almond Butter Toast

My sister gave me a book called The Carb Lover’s Diet. I am a huge fan of carbs and for most of my life I've eaten too many carbs which has caused a lot of my weight problems (though I’m not horribly over weight, I have had some battles on an off with my weight and carbs have had a huge part in that). I decided to give one of the recipes a try, and I actually really liked it! The banana gives you something sweet, the almond butter gives you protein, and the whole wheat toast helps fill you up!

1 ripe banana
1-2 Tablespoons almond butter*
2 pieces of whole wheat toast

1. Mash the banana on a plate.
2. Stir in the almond butter.
3. Toast your bread.
4. Spread the banana mix on the toast and enjoy!


-I say 1-2 Tablespoons because if you need more protein you can add more almond butter. 1 Tablespoon is what I would recommend for the first time you try this recipe though!

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