Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Month of Guest Bloggers!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up about what will be going on for the month of February. As many of you know, I'm getting married on Valentine's Day!!! Due to that, and all the prep that goes into a wedding before hand, and the honeymoon & rest & relaxation after, I have been working with A LOT of other bloggers who I dearly appreciate to fill in a post for each day of this month! How awesome is that?! You all are in for a fantastic treat ranging from posts about frugal diy projects, home remedies, tips for how to spend some of our last winter days, a few modest outfit posts, and SO much more!! I'm extremely grateful to each and every blogger who has submitted a guest post to me to schedule for this month! Here's the line-up so you can know what to look for in the next few weeks! I know everyone has their own interests so hopefully we'll hit most of y'all! :)
4 slots still to fill in with posts I've already received.
4 slots available! If you thought about writing one but haven't emailed's your last chance to do so!!! Please email me and help me fill these last four slots for the month of February!! If I have more guest posts than slots for this month I will overflow into March! Not a problem at all!! So go ahead and email me! :) Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! {more about guest blogging here!}

Follow along as these posts go live!
4th: Lisa @One Red Shoe {Links to a few of her homemade mixes!}
5th: Larissa @Papa Is A Preacher {Modest outfit post!}
6th: Chelsea @The Big, Beautiful & Broke {Valentine's Printables!}
8th: Myrna & Joye @The Busy Bee's {DIY project!}
9th: Jocelyn @Happy Cottage Quilter {quilted heart cards DIY}
10th: Rebecca @Let Them Eat Cake {Baby Shower DIY project!}
11th: Mary Beth @Being At Home By Nature {God & Nature post!}
12th: Lauren @Simply Free {DIY Clothing Refashion}
13th: Veronica @Passion, Pink & Pearls {DIY project!}
14th: No guest blogger! ~Special post from me!~
15th: Krys @Keeping Plus In A Minus World {Crochet Tutorial!}
16th: Wendy @Young Heart {Thrifting Tips!}
17th: Heather @Green Eggs & Goats {Home Redecorating Tips}
18th: April @Sabbatical Soapbox (Natural DIY product!)
19th: undecided.
20th: undecided.
21st: undecided.
22nd: Jenna @Rain on a Tin Roof {Thrifted Home Decor!}
23rd: undecided.
24th: undecided.
25th: Lauren @Simply Free {Homemade Product DIY!}
26th: undecided.
27th: undecided.
28th: Susana @Susana The Deaf Lady {Tennis & Health post!}
I'm extremely grateful to each lady who contributed to making my life easier this month as I finish up last minute preparations for my wedding & plan to relax afterwards and spend time with my new hubby! You all have greatly blessed me with each of your posts and I am honored to have you here on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog this month!!!
**Please note: I will update this last later tonight when I finish scheduling the posts I have sitting in my inbox! I have 7 in there right now and one for sure on the way!**


  1. So glad that you got such a big response. I can't wait to see them and find some new blogs!

  2. What a great month! Have a wonderful wedding and don't forget to tell us ALL about it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Oh my....I forgot to get back to you!! We have been in revival and it has been hectic!! :o)

    What would you like for me to guest post about? Do you have an area that you want covered?

    Let me know!

    Love & Prayers,


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