Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guest Post | Chelsea @ Big, Beautiful & Broke

Hi Everyone! I'm Chelsea and I blog over at Big, Beautiful & Broke. Helen let me spend some time with you while she gets ready for her upcoming nuptials! Since Valentine's Day is coming up I figured I would share an easy DIY on how to make a Valentine printable.

I spend multiple hours a week scrolling through Pinterest. Mostly on my iPad before I go to sleep. Anyway, I always come across cute printables. So, while school was out, I made my own using PicMonkey.

One of my many printables!

How you ask? Well, I will show you!!
First, go to the website and create a collage.

It will open and bring you to a screen that looks like this:

I used this collage and saved it, naming it "Blankcollage". That way I could use it as a blank template. I saved it as a 10" x 10". You can easily resize it to whatever size frame you'd like to use.

Once you save the blank template, close out and go to edit a picture.

Then you will open up your blank collage and start creating! I subscribe to PicMonkey (which is $4.99 a month). At first, I was mad that they make you pay, but I use it all the time for my blog so I felt it was worth the $5 I pay each month. Anyway, PicMonkey offers free services also, which anyone can use without having to pay.

It's pretty simple and fun to do. Here's some fun printables I made! Feel free to use them for Valentine's Day!

I made this one because it was our wedding song.
Couldn't help myself!





Once you're done with your printable, print it and frame it! Super cute!

Good luck and enjoy!

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  1. I love PicMonkey!! Thanks for sharing!!



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