Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guest Post | Susana @ Susana The Deaf Lady

It was really nice to meet Helen here, she seems nice and I'm excited about doing a guest post on her blog. I've always wanted to do a health & fitness blog, but never have time, so I'm grateful I can do a post here on that topic.

My name is Susana and I blog over at Susana The Deaf Lady. I was born deaf in both my ears. If I'm not wearing my hearing aids I can't hear anything, so I wear them to hear what is going on around me. I was born in Queens, N.Y.C. and then I lived in a colony house in New Brunswick, N.J. until I was five. After that we moved to Kingston, N.J. and that's where I grew up.

My Tennis Story
Tennis is one of my favorite sports. When I was in high school, I used to play on the tennis team. I also went to Tennis Sleep Away Camp in the summer time, but never really enjoyed it. Last summer I decided to join a tennis group and give it another try. There were a few Chinese girls that played really well and I thought that I could never play with them because they were so good.

The group would play tennis about three hours a week, or more. It was so hot outside. After lessons and everyone was supposed to go home I noticed that the Chinese girls would keep on playing. I thought they were out of their mind. I never understood where the Chinese girls got their energy to play for hours after we were done with our lesson. It seemed like they were addicted to tennis! Not only was I exhausted from playing for two hours straight, but I was thirsty as well from being in the hot sun. After the lesson I would jump in the pool which was next to the courts.

Drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables really helped me get fit. Playing tennis regularly helped keep me fit and in shape. Some people played tennis so much better than I did, especially the tennis instructor, but practice helped me become a better player. It was embarrassing when I missed a few balls and everyone was watching me miss. I felt awful. The day came when the instructor was showing off and he missed the last ball. He was ready to hit it hard and far, but he swung his racket and he turned around in a circle and missed the ball. I felt better knowing that I wasn't the only one who missed a ball every now and then!

After two months, I was actually becoming a good tennis player. I was now playing with the Chinese girls who I thought were so far above my experience in the beginning. In the end I liked playing tennis so much that I would stay after the lessons for two-three hours more to keep playing tennis with the Chinese tennis addicts. I guess you could say that I'm kind of addicted to tennis too, but that is probably a good thing!

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