Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Post | Myrna & Joye @ The Busy Bee's

Hi, we are guest posting from The Busy Bee's. We're so excited to be here today to share one of our projects with you. we are two stay at hom mom's that enjoy making things for our families and homes. We are sisters that are lucky enough to live across the street from one another. We would also like to invite you to "BUZZ" by our blog!
We hope you enjoy it!
Myrna & Joye
Now on to the post:
For these pillowcases I cut the accent piece (white) 9 inches and folded it in half and pressed it. The pipping piece I cut 2 inches and folded it in half and pressed it also. The body of thet pillow (blue) I measured against my pillow to make sure it was large enough. I made these for King Size pillows and they fit perfect! {view the original post here!}
Lay your fabrics like this: accent piece, body piece, pipping, and then fold. Fan the body piece onto the center of the accent piece.

Fold the accent piece over everything and pin it together. Starting in the center and working your way to the edges. Make sure that you like up all your edges. There will be 5 layers of fabric to pin.

This is what it looks like from the end just before you sew everything up.

Right off the sewing machine! Now the fun part...pull the body out of the accent color and reveal what clean lines you just made. This is really nice because it won't fray!
Still pulling the body out.

Look how great that turned out! This is the pillowcase waiting to be closed. Line up the edges. You may want to pin on the seam where the pipping meets the accent fabric to make sure that they line up on the side seam. Just start sewing at the accent; go up the side and across the top.
Press your finished pillowcacses and you are finished!
These are really easy and it is fun to see how they turn out.
This is a quick project for any sewing level.

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  1. Very nice!! You make it look do easy!!



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