Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Simple Map of Places You've Visited

Okay, so I made the Google map post awhile back and I recently found a simple map creator which just shows in general which states you've visited/been to/traveled through, etc. This is initially more of what I originally wanted when I did the search, but after starting my Google map I realize it has a lot of benefits for keeping info and visits and things more specific.

This is what my map looks like so far! I hope to one day visit all of the 50 states.

1. Go to the link (below) and click "create new map".
2. Click the box next to each state you want colored in on the map.
3. Select your map size and colors.
4. Click "draw map".

To save the map right click over the image. Click "save picture as" and it will save to your computer.

Visited States Map
Visited Canadian Provinces Map

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