Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Curvy Girl Workout

I am a girl with curves. I love my curves, but I hate flab. Therefore I have a problem: flabby curves, not tone curves. Fortunately there is a way to fix this! Its called motivation, dedication and consistency. I am not a person who likes hard workouts for more than a week or two, so all of these things are fairly simple and can be done in a few reps and spread out throughout the day IF NEEDED.

My main problem areas tend to be my upper arms and my thighs. My stomach has been flat, but I got lazy so it's not as flat anymore. I have a large chest and a large rear... but I do need to workout because it's easy for me to gain weight. My choice workouts for each area are listed below. If you have questions please leave comments and I would love to help you!
Oh, and the absolute best way to get in shape is to walk!!! I can definitely say that, even though it is slow in showing progress, you will get good firm muscles if you start keeping a regular walking routine.
If you like aerobics then I suggest the Jane Fonda workout video which can be found at this link. I have used it for years, on and off, and I really like the way it works your legs and gives you good cardio. So far I haven't found it on DVD. Sorry.

Arm Workout
~BICEP CURLS. I use 5lb. weights and repeat 30 times per arm.
~FORWARD ARM LIFT. Hold your weight at your side. Lift forward without turning your arm in any direction. 30 for each arm.
~BACK ARM LIFT. This is reverse of the forward arm lift. 30 per arm.
~SIDE ARM LIFT. Lift the weight out from your side and back down again. 30 per arm.
~PUNCH. Weights in your hand, bring your arms up like you would punch someone. One at a time punch the right arm out while the left arm is at your chest. When your right hand comes back to your chest, punch your left arm out. 30 each arm.
~LEVEL. Bring your elbows up to be even with your shoulders. Place your hands, holding weights, fist to fist. Take your right arm and swing it out away from your body, keeping your elbow level with your shoulder. When your hand comes back, repeat with the left arm. 30 per arm.
~ABOVE ARM LIFT. Bring your arm above your head to where your hand touches your shoulder. Lift the weight up so your arm is almost fully extended. Repeat 30 times per arm.

Ab Workout
~PLANK. Check out this video to see how I do it. Make sure to suck your stomach in towards your spine for a better workout. I usually do anywhere from 1-5 of these depending on how much I have been working out. You have to build up your strength for these.
~AIRPLANE TOE TOUCH. Silly, but it works. Stand with your arms straight out to your sides and level with your shoulders. Spread your feet about shoulder width. Take your right arm down and touch your left foot/floor area. Bend back up and then touch your left arm to your right foot/floor area. 30 per arm.
~SUPERMAN. Lay on your stomach. Lift your head, arms and legs off the floor and hold 30 seconds. I usually try to do 5 a day.

Leg/Bum Workout
~LUNGES. If you don't already do these then start with 30 per leg. Place one leg in front, one leg behind you and squat down. Do this every day.
~STANDING LEG LIFTS. These are another great way to tone your legs. Stand near a door frame in case you need to balance yourself. Lift one leg (left or right) 30 times in each of the following directions: forward, behind you, and out to your side. Do this for both legs each day.
~SQUATS. Yes they're a killer, but really worth it! 30 of these a day.
~HEEL LIFTS. Basically, stand next to something you can hold onto (a back of a chair) and lift your heels off the ground. Hold for 5 seconds then lower to the floor. Repeat 30 times.
~BUM LIFT. Lay on your back with your knees up and your arms down by your sides for support. Lift your bum off the ground and hold for 10 seconds. Do 30 of these.
~OPPOSITE ARM/LEG LIFT. Basically you will be on the floor supported by your knees and hands. You will lift your right arm/left leg at the same time, hold for 10 seconds then switch to the other side. Repeat 30 times per arm/leg.

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