Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beauty Tips | Soft Legs

I never would have thought to use a face product on my legs, but I tried it and it worked! This new habit of mine is the fault of my sister Lydia. We had been discussing the problems of shaving legs and having dry skin when she mentioned that she had a trick which has been working for her for over a month: Pond's Cold Cream: Dry Skin Cream: The Caring Classic. At first I didn't believe her but then she said, "No really...feel how soft my  legs are", so I did. Man was I impressed!

I think I will be in love with this product since I am always trying to find something to make my legs soft. More specifically...less dry. I applied the cold cream like I would any regular lotion, but I didn't know that a little went a long way. This product is wonderful because not only can it make your legs softer but you can use it on your face, neck, and feet also.

Use on Legs
After a shower/shaving session apply the lotion to your legs. Make sure to use small amounts since a little goes a long way.

Use on Face/Neck
After you have washed your face for the night, apply some Cold Cream to your face and neck area. Be careful with your eye area. Apply under your eye using the third finger (ring finger) of your hand and go from the outside edges towards your nose. When applying this to your face go in an up and outward (towards your ears) motion to avoid pulling your skin down.

Use on Feet
After you have washed your feet, apply the cold cream liberally to your feet. Cover with socks and sleep overnight.

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  1. I've read a blog and she uses Nivea Creme on her feet and it's actually working on her.


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