Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beauty Tips | Caring for Your Legs

So, I know I made a post about soft legs a few days ago...but I have sense discovered another trick which helps give soft legs: exfoliating. I'm not talking about regular exfoliating either. I did this routine and found that it worked amazing. I also finished with the Pond's Cold Cream for an even softer effect.

1. Shave your legs.
2. Exfoliate. (I used my Homemade Body Scrub recipe and it worked amazing!)
3. Lightly rinse your legs, don't worry about getting all the scrub off just get the main bulk out of the way.
4. Shave again! Yes, again. The skin you just exfoliated is still there. As you shave you will have to rinse your razor quite a bit because it will be full of dead skin cells.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Dry your legs off.
7. Apply Pond's Cold Cream. (See the original Soft Legs post.)
8. Enjoy amazingly smooth and soft legs!

Thank you to Gluten Free Navy Wife for this lovely idea!

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