Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY Reasons I Love You Deck of Cards

This is a Pinterest inspired craft idea which I have wanted to do for months! I finally bought myself a deck of cards a few days ago and started making a list of what each one would say. I have always thought this was a cute idea. I hope my man will love it as well.

52/54 Reasons I Love You
I chose to keep the 2 jokers in the deck so that I could have two more reasons in there. You can do as you wish. I checked out several blog posts before I started making my list of reasons. Only one had actual ideas for what to say (link at the bottom of this post). I found that most of the pins on Pinterest did not have a good link on them so that was hard, but I think I figured it out fine.

You can use a whole punch and add a ring to hold the cards together if you like. I left mine in a Ziploc bag for now. I also chose to leave the cards looking like brand new since I'm sure they will get plenty of wear through the years of being taken out and looked through.

What you will need:
Card Stock Paper
A Deck of Cards
Glue Stick
A Sharpie (I used green, blue, red and silver sharpies)
Any other things such as stickers that you might want to use (I didn't use anything else)

How To:
Cut out your cardstock into rectangles which will fit nicely on a single card, but still leave room to show the edge number and sign...if you want. Glue each paper to the card and let dry. Once the glue has dried write the desired reason you love him on each card. Wrap for a gift or give it like it is.

Ideas of What to Say:
A lot of these are ones I used, but they can be changed slightly to be more personalized for your own deck of cards.

You love me
Your green eyes are amazing
The way you look at me
Your country accent
You make me feel safe
You want to marry me
You want lots of kids
You don't mind watching chick flicks with me
You love all kinds of animals
You keep your word
You're a hard worker
You're ready for our life together to start
You're my heart
I can trust you
You're an amazing kisser
You gave me your hat
You love me with no make up
You always say I'm beautiful even when I don't think so
You would do anything for me
You can always calm me down when I'm upset
You watch goofy shows with me
You love sweet sweet tea
You like any food I make
Your southern boy charm
You hold my hand lots
You're not afraid of what others think
You like country music
We think a lot alike
You're spontaneous
You kiss away my tears
You want what's best for me
You hold me tight
I know you won't leave me

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