Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inspiration For "The Dress"

As you may have read YESTERDAY I'm now engaged!!! I am SO excited, and now feel like I should've been working on my dress about a month ago so it could be done instead of just starting it...oh well, I'm sure it will turn out fine either way lol.

I'm working on a Timeline post to keep track of everything I'm doing to the dress so that it can all be seen in one place. This is also where I'll be linking each post I write until the dress is finished so that it's organized and easy to find! :) I'll probably be publishing that soon, but I'd like to add some photo's first...

As you may recall from The Wedding Dress Find post, this is a thrifted dress I bought in October for only 0.25 cents!! NO JOKE! I absolutely plan to refashion the dress into something much more pleasing to the eye, but for now here is what it looks like:

Here are a few new photos I took yesterday when I was writing this post to share with you (I didn't want to publish this yesterday so it wouldn't take away from my I'm Engaged!!! post). I took them on an old sheet my Grandma Karon gave to me a few weeks ago so the dress would really stand out...and because I really love the sheet!
The top. I'm pretty sure this won't be staying seeing as I don't know how to add this and make it modest...and it doesn't fit me at all in the's MUCH too small for me.
I do like the ribbon that runs around the bottom of the outer skirt/tulle.
The bottom of the skirt.
This will be the main fabric I use to make the new dress. I really cannot wait to get going on this project!!
The under skirt which I'll be using. I may have to redo a little of it so it won't be too thick under the new skirt style, but I still think it would be good to have in the finished product.
The tag from inside the dress: Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock.
It says size 13, but if that's so then this is a really small size 13 cuz it doesn't fit me!
In the post Gah! Planning A Wedding Is Hard!! I shared a few ideas I had for a dress I originally wanted to make from scratch, of course when I found this dress I realized that some things would have to change so now I will share with you my new ideas (although I still have the same basic idea for the skirt part of the dress!).

(photo via TBarton Photography)

I really like the sleeves on this dress. I may be able to pull off this look if I have enough extra fabric left over when I get the skirt of the dress done. I really would like the sleeves to be past my elbow if I have enough leftover fabric. I guess we'll see!
(photo via Sew Much Ado)
This dress was put together by Justine @ Sew Country Chick. I really was worried about sewing my own dress until I read her post over at Sew Much Ado!
(photo via Pinterest)
I love the scalloped neckline of this dress. It may be too complicated or time consuming, but I still think it's gorgeous and I may be able to incorporate it so I'm going to put it here on my Inspirations post!
I really love this vintage wedding dress with the layers on the bottom and the beautiful train! I may do the bottom of my dress similar to this since I have a lot of the tule which you saw was on the outside of the dress originally.

(photo via Pinterest)

Here is a modern take on the layered look! I absolutely LOVE this dress!!
(photo via Ruffled)
I haven't found anything to beat the look of this dress though! Love the ribbon, and I love the way the bottom half of the dress looks. Not big and poofy but not too tight either. It's just right!


  1. oh my god so excited to see what you come up with! I love the ribbon too, it's so cute :D

    1. Lol thanks Angie!! I'm excited myself. Unfortunatley I have to wait until after Christmas before I can really get started on this since I'm doing a whole bunch of homemade Christmas gifts and then I have a short vacation just before Christmas...I'll be lucky to get all the gifts done on time lol!


  2. You will be such a beautiful bride! I, too, like the ribbon at the bottom of the dress you have. 'Very pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Thanks! :) I am a little nervous about it, but I think I'll do okay...especially after I made the confessor dress without any pattern lol.


  4. Congratulation on your engagement, there is no day that is as exciting as your wedding day. I loved all the planning for mine, deciding what centre pieces, colors, all the little things. You will make a Beautiful bride and I love the Ideas you have come up with and am looking forward to reading you posts later on.

    1. Thank you so much Christina!! I have three friends who are wedding planners so I think we'll be getting lots of planning done! lol. I'm really excited about it and absolutely plan to share as much as I can here!! I have a feeling the little things will be my favorite part as well!!



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