Friday, December 21, 2012

Homemaking 101 | Ideas For An All White Quilt

My Grandma Karon and I were talking a few weeks ago about this quilt that I attempted to make awhile back and I was telling her how I was having such a hard time with the fabric and I wasn't able to make it work and was really frustrated with it since it was being so difficult.

Well she told me that she had a bunch of old white sheets...and my eyes lit up! On Pinterest I've found a few white quilts that I just LOVE and I've wanted to make one for my bed when I get married. Today I will be sharing the inspiration photos for the quilt that I really hope to start putting together after Christmas is over. I should be less busy then so that will be one project I hope to start!

Here are the photos...all found via Pinterest, of course! Enjoy!

(photo via Blackbird Designs)

I want to do a ruffled edge for the quilt I make for our bed when we are married. I found this photo and just LOVE it!! Of course I do love ruffles too so that's part of why I want this.

(photo via Pinterest)

I really love the look of this quilt. This is what I am aiming for actually. A bunch of squares pieced together. I LOVE the addition of lace though. I may end up doing this since I have a bunch of random lace curtains which I could use for this. That would be beautiful!!

(photo via Flickr)
I really love the squares lined with a strip between each one too... This was really the original inspirational photo, but I LOVE the lace addition from the one above so we'll see...

(photo via Pinterest)

I do plan to do hand quilting for this quilt. Grandma will be helping me with this since it will be a new experience for me and something I've never done before! I'm pretty excited about that. I think this quilt here is beautiful. If I was going to do hand quilting I would just cut larger squares and do a different pattern in each one. Or so that's what I'm thinking.

(photo via Craftori)

I also love this look too. It wouldn't be too hard to pull off. I think this look is really cool. I've made squares like this before so I could totally do this if I wanted too.

(photo via Pinterest)

This quilt is really different and vintage looking. I really like the look but doubt I will actually make mine like this.
(photo via Marie Elisabeth's Rum)
This is sort of a vintage classic look in my opinion and really what I'd like mine to look like when I get it all done. I like the squares and the hand stitching and the edge is nice too...although I still like the ruffled edge best.
Anyway, this was a glimpse into a future craft project I plan on making soon!


  1. Those are all lovely photos. I would love a nice white quilt. Well, I'd love to be able to quilt at all. The last one and the third to the last are my favorites. Pinterest is such a great place for ideas!

  2. Oh Kelly! Quilting is really not that hard at all!! Are you able to sew? If so then it's super easy! My aunt taught me when I was 16 and I've made three small quilts since. I've attempted a queen size (the one mentioned in this post) and will continue to work on that while I made this new quilt!

    It's mostly a lot of cutting fabric and piecing things together so that they line up correctly, but that's really not so hard!


  3. So many pretty options, Helen! I can't wait to see your finished quilt! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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