Friday, May 2, 2014

Fail | Painted Lamp

Decor for the Master Bedroom Makeover is slow in coming. I didn't really have anything on hand for the bedroom decor other than all the gold frames I knew I wanted to use. Everything else I'm either having to buy or redo so I have had to take quite a bit more time to pull this together than I thought I would.

One project I had planned on doing for our master bedroom makeover was painting some lamps for our night stands. I wanted them to be white, and as you can see in the before photo below this lamp was navy blue which totally doesn't match the dark grey and white colors I have picked out.


I did a little reading on what people had done to spray paint lamps. This lamp had been painted over before. I could tell this because of a few spots where the paint was chipped and it was white underneath (too bad I couldn't of gotten the lamp when it was still white, the color I was planning to paint it now). I got this lamp from Goodwill for $3. It is perfectly simple, but still pretty.

I taped off the top part so I wouldn't get spray paint all over it and the painting began. Let me just say that I HATE spray paint! It gets everywhere. I had the lamp out on my front sidewalk over some plastic and the spray paint still got on the bushes, my feet,  and a little on the sidewalk too (not sure how that happened?).

Notice the rough texture on the lamp stem.

The first coat went on great. I didn't have problems with the paint running or anything. I did have to go with a second coat though since the paint didn't go on evenly and you could still see hints of the navy blue underneath...and this is where the problem came in. Some how, after I put on the second coat, the paint bubbled up and has this funky pattern on one side of it. I am quite disappointed. I was really excited with how well the first half of this project went, and then I had this happen and now I don't even want to finish it.

I think I'll have to take a scraper after this lamp now to get this bubbled paint off and then I'll have to repaint it. If I get around to fixing this Failed Project I will share another post on it. I do hope it's a simple fix because I do like the lamp and we desperately need them in our new bedroom!

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    1. I know, right?! I am still hoping to rescue this project but it might be awhile before I get around to that.


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