Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Springy Clothes!

That is our cat, Emerald, at my feet.

I am SUPER excited about the new shirts I bought from Walmart recently ($5 each on the clearance rack!!!) and all the new skirts I've made for myself. Since having a baby none of my old clothes fit which was really depressing at first, but I did gain quite a bit of weight...especially near the end of the pregnancy (about 50 pounds total). I wrote another post talking more about After Pregnancy Style so read more about that there.

My face looked funny in this pic, but I wanted to show off how cute this new shirt is!

I really loved this outfit! I felt so cute when I put it on and that's a rare thing since giving birth. I am super excited to have new clothes in my closet to 'play' with this Spring. I am working out now on a regular basis so maybe one day some of my old clothes will start to fit too, but at least I have some fun stuff to wear until then (and they should still fit even if I do lose a little weight).

Striped Pink & White Shirt: Walmart clearance rack.
Black denim skirt: Made by Me!
Blue watch: Gift from my sister.
White sparkly sandals: JcPenny.
I've recently discovered that I LOVE wearing a watch! It's much more practical than keeping track of my cell phone (which I am always losing). And it's also one less thing to juggle in my hands when I'm out and about. My little sister found two watches with sparkles around the face and gave me the blue one. I love it! I love anything sparkly or glittery!!

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  1. You look like you have lost weight in that pic!!!

    1. I actually think I did, and then I gained it right back! :(


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