Monday, March 24, 2014

Master Bed & Bath Makeover, Part 1

In August 2013, Hubby & I bought our first house. Right away I couldn't wait to begin redoing all the rooms (there are 10, by the way, not including the basement or garage). Since I was pregnant with Little Man then I thought it would be best to start the makeover process with his room. And that was SUCH a smart decision! {Read about LM's room: Part 1 & Part 2.}

It took me a bit to decide which room(s) to work on next. I finally told myself I had to settle on colors before I could choose which room to paint. I think I have colors for the kitchen/dining room (probably a red), the living room/hallway (dark brown & cream), and master bed/bath (dark grey). I decided the next makeover would be the master bed and bath. This past weekend the makeover began.

I am a huge fan of before & after pics so let's get started...the bedroom is up first!

This is the view from the bedroom door.
I've never been a huge fan of the ceiling fan (pun intended!), but I wasn't worried about changing it out right now.

This is the view from the bathroom door way.
We only have one table lamp because the lighting part on the other shorted out.
It's in my basement waiting to be fixed.

This is the beautiful wallpaper on the headboard wall.
It was a little sad taking it down, but it wasn't my style and needed to go.
And as you can see here, some of the border was starting to peel off.

Hubby gave me this when we got married.
I had it hanging over our bed before, not sure where it will end up with the new makeover.

Hubby gave me this when we got married too.
I had it on the wall between the bathroom and closet doors.

I think the room was a little crowded set up like this.

These poor wrinkly curtains! Remember them from the Fail post?
I had to tuck them up because Demi kept trying to claw them.

The bathroom before photos:

The view from the bathroom door.

I used a lot of the same things from our apartment bathroom here.
Recognize the 'bath' basket? Check out it's makeover here.
And my poor yellow roses. Emerald knocked them over and most of them fell off, but there are still two left!
Check out keeping your special roses.

Hubby calls me "Bay", in case you might be wondering.
I've always heard things should be done in sets of 3's.
Here I have three different things: a sign, the chalkboard, and the picture.

And a shot from the standing inside the shower.
Notice I have no night stand in my room!
I forgot to take 'before' bathroom pics until I started moving everything out of the bedroom.
I'm so glad I remembered to run and get these before I took everything out.

That's all the 'before' photos I have. Next week I'll share with you the 'during' photos and hopefully it wont take me too long to decorate so I can share with you after that the 'after' photos! If you've seen Little Man's room and are wondering where the 'after' photos are...there aren't any yet! I am having a little trouble coming up with enough decor for his room. I think we're getting close, but there's a few things left to do in there before I share the finished project.

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  1. 'Can't wait to see what you do! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. I'm working on the decor now. It might take me a month or two before I can buy some of the bigger things such as the curtains and new bed spread.


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