Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sister Style | Spring Green & Blue

Back in the Summer of 2012 I put together some Sister Style outfits with one of my sisters. We had a lot of fun creating them and recently I was talking with another of my sisters (I have 7 sisters!) about how much fun it was to do those and she suggested we put together some more outfits to share over the next few months.

We used a basic denim knee-length skirt (Old Navy) and two different style shoes with different tops to create thirteen different outfits. The outfits we put together are for Spring, Summer, and Fall so they will be shared throughout the coming months as the seasons change. March 20th marked the first day of Spring. With that in mind, here is our first outfit which is perfect for this season!

Green Shirt: Faded Glory.
Floral Tank: Hollister.
Skirt: Old Navy.
Sparkly Shoes: Faded Glory.

Layering a tank over a sleeved shirt is not my favorite style, but some combos like this actually turn out pretty cute. Most of this outfit was thrifted. Thrift stores are a great place to find good deals on used clothes. Of course when shopping for thrifted clothes always remember to check the seams, and whole piece of clothing for holes and/or stains. Floral's and bright colors are great for wearing during Spring months!

These shoes really do go well with lots of different outfits!

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