Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blogging Tips | Editing Options for Sharing URL's on Facebook

I love sharing posts on my BEBBlog Facebook page, but until recently I didn't know I could edit the photo and the text which goes to the link (usually to a post here on the blog). When I would enter a link to attach to a post on the Facebook page it would randomly select a photo and text and it usually had little or nothing to do with the actual post I was wanting to share! Because of this I would rarely share links in the past, but I've finally discovered how to edit what goes on the link and I wanted to share that info with my blogging friends! (If you're a non-blogging person, this tutorial will still help you out too if you run a Facebook page of any kind!)

Let's Get Started!

1. Go to the blog post or page you want to share. Copy the URL.

2. Go to the Facebook page where you want to share the link. Insert the link in the status update box as shown above.

3. In most cases a preview for that URL will pop up automatically. If it doesn't, refresh the Facebook page and paste the URL again. It should work the second time if it doesn't work the first.

When you run your mouse over the text or URL link it will turn yellow.
This means you can edit these areas!

4. Now select the area you want to change. As you can see here there is an 'upload image' button. Click here to change the image which will display in the finished Facebook status update. To change the writing on the URL title or in the text below run your mouse over the area. It will turn yellow which means you can edit those areas!

5. Copy the text you want to use to replace the current text. Paste it in the box on the Facebook status update you're working on. If you are sharing a post from your blog on your blog's Facebook page you'll probably just want to copy and paste the first paragraph from the blog post itself to insert in the box above.

6. Now go to where you first inserted the URL you wanted to share. Remove it. You can add other text to this box if you would like. (I usually don't when sharing posts from my blog.)

7. Review the status update to make sure you have the correct image, URL title, and text that you want to display in the published post. Once it is ready click 'post'.

8. The URL you wanted to share will publish and be on display for everyone to see & read!

I used the BEBBlog post: Suffering from Corrupted Images to make this tutorial.

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