Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Weight Loss

For the past year I have been really focused on getting my weight back under control. In March 2011 I was on medicine to help with my brain injury. Unfortunately a huge side effect of this medicine was weight gain. I gained over 30 pounds, which caused me much depression and a lot of agony. My old clothes no longer fit, and if I could get them on they did not look good on me.

I spent 5 months working out, choosing what I ate carefully, drinking lots of water and walking a ton to even begin seeing any progress towards my original weight. I actually weigh 160 now which is 10 pounds (give or take) less than I weighed before the weight gain! I am very excited about this.

My current goal is to continue to tone my body and the focus is no longer weight gain. I am happy with my size and how I look for the most part. There are some areas such as my stomach/legs which I feel need more work, but that will take more time and lots of dedication.

I have an encouragement group which I have created on Facebook for the purpose of encouraging others towards their goals in weight loss and healthier living. I created this after discovering that there really wasn't anything out there (on Facebook) which was an encouragement base for these types of goals.

With Exercise Encouragement Group, on Facebook, I am able to post encouraging and motivating statements for fellow exercisers to read and be motivated to continue towards their individual goals. Recently I have been posting a motivational picture each day as I am able. This seems to be very popular and I will continue to do this.

My latest project for the Exercise Encouragement Group is to post before and after pictures such as the one I made above. I want to have a collection of these to show people who go to this page and/or "like" this page that it is possible to reach their goals.

I would like to write many more posts on how I was able to lose weight and how I have been able to keep it off with simple maintenance. This will take a lot more thought and writing before it is ready, but I will go ahead and start a draft to hopefully post as soon as I can.

I hope that you will be able to find encouragement from this post. If you are working towards goals in exercise, fitness, healthy eating, or healthy living and have a Facebook I would love for you to "like" the page so that you will be able to get updates and be encouraged. Also, if you do like the page feel free to write posts as often as you want on how things are going towards reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

UPDATE: I now run most of my posting via the Exercise Encouragement Group blog, but they are linked with the facebook page so it is still active!

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