Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baking Soda Shampoo/Vinegar Rinse

I use old Bath and Body Work's bottles. One full bottle lasts me a week, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how much I wash my hair during the week and how much of the mix I use.

This is how my Baking Soda Shampoo and Vinegar Rinse look. I use the red cap bottle for the rinse and silver for the shampoo. You can tell in the shampoo that the baking soda settles at the bottom of the bottle. I just made this mix up and about 10 minutes later it was seperated. Also, I use a ton of baking soda so when you make yours it won't have this much baking soda.

Baking Soda Shampoo
1 Bath and Body Work bottle, rinsed out to where there is no soap in it!
2-4 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
Lots of water

I use a funnel to get the baking soda into the bottle, then I fill it with the faucet until it reaches the bottom of where the lid screws down.

To Use: Shake it about 3 good shakes to get the baking soda off the bottom of the bottle and out into the water part. You only need to apply this to your scalp area. I sprinkle VERY generously onto my scalp and then tilt my head under the water a few seconds, pull away from the water and use my finger tips to massage the mix into my scalp in a fairly circular motion. But if something works better for you then go for it! Make sure to rinse out very well. Also, if you feel like you need to clean the ends of your hair just collect your hair into a side pony tail and pour some stuff on it and rub it in. I practically never do this.

Vinegar Rinse
1 Bath and Body Work bottle, rinsed out to where there is no soap in it!
1/4 cup White or Apple Cider Vinegar (I use white)
Lots of water

Again, I use a funnel to get the vinegar in if I'm measuring it. If I'm not measuring it then I just hold the bottle over a sink (or the washer, since the white vinegar is in my laundry room) and pour however much in it as I want. Then fill the rest of the bottle with water.
I mentioned above that I do half vinegar and half water. I don't suggest you start off with this much unless you just like the smell of vinegar. I think you have to give yourself time to adjust to how strong of a smell it has before using so much.

To Use: Pour very generously on scalp. I put my hair in a side pony tail to be able to pour the vinegar on the ends easier. Let it sit in your hair for as long as you want. Most of the time I will wash my hair before I shave so that I can let the vinegar sit there longer. That's just me though. I go through the Vinegar Rinse a lot faster than the Baking Soda Shampoo. I usually use two bottles of this on a week where I wash my hair a lot, otherwise this will last me a week.

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  1. I just started doing this today, I'm so excited to see how it works out. Thanks for sharing, it makes me feel much more comfortable to know I'm not alone doing this!

    1. If you ever need any help or have a question about something please email me!! I'd be glad to chat with you and help you through the process! I used the vinegar for awhile, but the sent drove my then boyfriend-to-fiance-and-now-hubby crazy (he hated it lol) so I had to stop using that. But the baking soda I used for almost an entire year straight and then a short few month run before that. I love it....and would still be using it today, if my hubby hadn't asked me to use shampoo to see if he would help my split end problem...I'll be back to baking soda as soon as I'm able though cuz I miss it already and it's only been a few days without it.

      Anyway, email me any time! I check it regularly each day: I saw you on Google+ but had no way to leave you a message there.



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