Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Fitness Pal. Literally.

Okay, so I am a health aware individual. I believe in eating healthy and in good portions of different foods throughout the day. I believe water is very important to the body and it is important to drink water. I also think that processed foods which come in freezer packages or boxed foods are not good for a person to eat due to the amount of gross things in them. I do eat most canned foods however. I love to cook and create new yummy recipes which I share with other people who are interested in eating better. I am going to school for a degree in Health & Sports Sciences. I want to do something with Nutrition,
Fitness, or Health & Wellness. I haven't decided what exactly I want to do, but I'm thinking about it and working towards H&SS in general.

I have an Exercise Encouragement Group where I try to post daily different inspirational or motivational quotes for the members to see and be motivated to work out.

Recently a friend introduced me to My Fitness Pal. I am in love :) It keeps track of your consumed food and water, weight loss/goals, and exercise. There are so many more features I am still learning about as well. I have to say I think it is an amazing resource and is definately the most helpful one I have found so far.

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