Friday, April 25, 2014

The Organizer Blessing

Ever since we moved to our home in the country my silverware drawer has been a mess. I had the old organization system in place that I used at the apartment (see our organized Apartment Kitchen here), but the drawer where I keep the silverware in our new house was much bigger so the baskets were always sliding everywhere and my neat stacks of silverware were always falling over. This bugged me for the longest time, but I wasn't really sure what to do about it.

One day I finally figured out that what I needed was some no-slip drawer liner. Being the forgetful person I am, I didn't write it down on my shopping list and so a few months went by and I still had messy drawers.

A friend of mine was getting rid of some things she didn't need any more, and you will never guess what was in that bag! That's right, no-slip drawer liner!!! I had completely forgotten about wanting to buy some. At the time when it was given to me I knew I had wanted to buy it, but couldn't remember what I wanted to use it for (I tend to do this a lot and it's because I have a brain injury which causes me to not remember hardly anything).

About a week ago I was putting away clean silverware when it hit me! This is what I wanted the drawer liner for. Here's what my silverware drawer looked like for well over six months:

Thanks to the no-slip drawer liner and a pair of scissors this is now what my silverware drawer looks like:

So much more organized and the silverware now stays in pretty little stacks like it should! I thought it was really neat how I needed something, forgot about it, and then was blessed to have it given to me. I have another drawer in my kitchen that needs this liner stuff put in it and I will be doing that very soon!

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