Monday, September 2, 2013

Laptop Crashed

Hi all! I just wanted to pop in and let you readers know that posts will be very few in the next weeks since I had about 50 posts written on word documents on my laptop when it crashed last week plus about 3,000 photos and everything else I had on there. I will be taking it up to the big city to Geek Squad but don't know if all of that will be recovered or not. It depends on what part of the computer died. Needless to say I am quite sad/upset and won't have many scheduled posts to share in the next few weeks due to this disaster.     -Helen


  1. Bad luck Helen. I try to back up all my post drafts and pics to a flash drive every couple of days. Suggest you do the same - would save you a lot of worry! Cheers

  2. Oh man.. that is so sad. I am so sorry that happened. Makes me want to back up EVERYTHING on my computer...

  3. OH NO! I hope you get it fixed soon. *crosses fingers*

  4. Oh no!! I'm so sorry! That's awful, and you already have so much going on with other things. :( I hope the Geek squad can recover some of it. Good luck!

  5. Following you on Bloglovin' now! So happy to have found your blog!

  6. Hi Helen!! So sorry to hear about your computer! We had the first Great Blog Train without you as host - we missed you!! Here is the link if you wanted to visit (when you get your computer back of course): Great Blog Train


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