Friday, September 13, 2013

Date Night | Go to a Pro Baseball Game

Autry was given a set of tickets to a Cardinals Baseball Game awhile back. It had been YEARS since I last went to a Cardinals game so of course when he called me to tell me he got tickets I was surprised! (After I realized he wasn't going to chaperon kids, but would actually be able to take me with him!) Immediately I was making plans for the game. Of course I couldn't go without some cherry Twizzlers, and since Autry doesn't like those we had to make a short trip to the grocery store a few days before the game to make sure we had plenty of snacks to last the game.

Here are some photos of St. Louis & of course the famous Busch Stadium!

I wanted SO bad to walk the 3 blocks or so to see the Arch with Autry, but he told me I didn't need to walk that far since we had walked 10 blocks to get to the game, and then over half the stadium to get to our seats. By the time the game was over and we had walked back to the car I was SUPER glad I had not insisted on walking over there.

Autry has a habit of wanting to be places early, going to the game was no I started snapping pics of the guys smoothing out the field. This was turned out pretty good, don't you think?

I remember visiting the Old Courthouse when I was 16. Its a really neat building. I'd love to go there again sometime, hopefully with Autry.

Another shot of the arch. From the stadium there weren't a lot of places to get a really great pic of it, but I did what I could.

I took this picture with the camera zoomed in, only I didn't know that until I looked at the camera. The pic didn't turn out all bad though. I still tried taking a pic of us together in the stands.

A pic of us in the stands.

I didn't notice this right away, but do you see the arch cut out in the grass of the outfield? I thought that was really awesome!

I'm not really sure why I took this photo.

Some of the players standing around of the field.

The players in action.

They put some of the players up on the screen when they were up to bat. This one is David Freese.

Another one: Yadier Molina.

Sunset at Busch Stadium.

Lights on in front of the Arch.

Another shot of dusk at the Busch Stadium.

One final shot of the field.

So if you plan to go to the Busch Stadium, or any Pro game you might want to know that snacks at the conesssion stands are OUTRAGEOUS! If you don't plan on spending a small fortune on concessions then you'll want to plan to bring your own snacks & water. Just a heads up. Oh, and don't wear flip flops...wear tennis shoes. And bring extra cash to pay for parking. It's anywhere from $5-$20 depending on how close you park. Crazy, but true. I'm just glad we happened to have cash on hand when we went to the game.

This is a super fun date idea, and it could also be a good double date idea too! Or at least I think it would be.


  1. Hey cutie! Following you from the blog hop. Hope you stop by and say hi on my blog :)


  2. Helen,

    What a great idea for a date night. My husband loves baseball, however, we have a minor league in our town.




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