Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Review #23

This week I'll be sharing with you some more blogs! I have been so encouraged by the feedback I get from this post! It is a post for the readers of Blue Eyed Beauty Blog and I am just glad for the opportunity to 'give back' to you all in this small way.

10 Blogs I'm Following
1. PJM's Closet. Blog. Bloglovin.
2. Always Sparkling. Blog. Bloglovin.
3. Love Is Spoken Here. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
4. Morning by Morning Productions. Blog. Bloglovin.
5. DIY Design. Blog. Bloglovin.
6. Simply Vintageous. Blog. Bloglovin.
7. Prowess & Pearls. Blog. Bloglovin.
8. My Desert Cottage. Blog. Bloglovin.
9. Twigg Studios. Blog. Bloglovin.
10. Must Have Wear. Blog. Bloglovin.

5 Blogs of my Readers
1. Prisilla Himes. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
2. Sparkle & Shine. Blog. Bloglovin. (AP Blog!)
3. Confessions of a Busy, Busy Bee. Blog. Bloglovin.
4. My Perfect Fairytale. Blog. Bloglovin.
5. Those 24 Little Hours. Blog. Bloglovin.

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Interested In Seeing More Blogs?
If you loved these blogs, you may enjoy the other's I've featured since the birth of The Wednesday Weekly Review. How can you find them without going through each post? Easy! Just view all the buttons on my Pinterest board: Blogs I've Featured!


  1. Nice to be able to find new blogs to read through your blog!

  2. Thanks for adding me to your list!!
    Appreciate it. Gonna mention it on tomorrows post.


  3. Awww...thank you so much Helen! I'm're such a sweetie! ;-)

  4. Thank you for sharing my blog on your list! (:
    I really appreciate it.

  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog. :-)

  6. Thanks for the mention and of course now I have some more blogs to discover :-)

  7. Thanks for mentioning my blog. :-)

  8. Thanks for the feature Helen!! I was so excited to see it! God Bless!!

  9. Thanks so much Helen for the mention - really, what an honor!
    I'm following you on Bloglovin' too!
    Have a beautiful Easter Wknd
    much love,
    Simply Vintageous xxx


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