Friday, March 15, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader :(

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As you all might have seen on my blog I've added the above to my right sidebar with the recent announcement of Google Reader being shut down. I am quite sad to hear this since GFC is connected to that program and may be leaving as well. SO be sure you all follow along with another source and not just through GFC. Of course I name Bloglovin because it's similar to Google Reader, but any of my other outlets are great too!

Thanks so much for hanging in there and getting connected with Blue Eyed Beauty Blog! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

I know that with Bloglovin you should be able to transfer all the blogs you're currently following on GFC to Bloglovin in a few simple clicks. This saved me TONS of time since I'm following almost 300 blogs!

Anyway, make sure you get yourselves hooked up in some form or fashion aside from GFC as I would hate to loose all my favorite readers and commenters!

Other ways to connect are:

BEB Blog's Facebook Page!
of course there's Bloglovin!
My Twitter
BEB Blog on Pinterest!
and BEB Recipes on Pinterest!
and last of all subscribe via email!

Thank you once again!!!


  1. It looks like you have to have facebook to sign up to Bloglovin. I do not have Facebook and do not plan on getting one.

    1. You don't need facebook to sign up :) you can sign up by using your email adress too. I don't want my blog linked to my fb account so I signed up with my emailaddress ;)

    2. I think it's a real shame! I was slowly building up a good followerbase and my blog was really hitting off and now they decide to get rid off GFC. I've already created a bloglovin' account but I just hope that my current followers will follow me again via bloglovin'

      - Found you via the Aloha Friday blog hop! & I'm your latest follower ;)
      xoxo Grace @

    3. So far I have not heard that GFC is leaving, only Google Reader. They are both different. But of course Google can do whatever they want and have made some difficult changes for bloggers, so one really never knows. Be sure to read the bloglovin terms of agreement. They are out of Sweden and are under different laws then here in the US.

    4. Right I too haven't ever seen anything about GFC, but it never hurts to be prepared just in case.

      I'll have to check into that right now...thanks!

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