Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things I Heart | The Ocean

Once upon a time I lived in South Carolina...I was a little girl then so I don't really remember it, but for some reason I've found that listening to a CD of "the shore" or "ocean waves" really calms me down and helps me to sleep at night. Actually, my Cognitive Therapist told me right after the wreck that in order for me to be able to settle down enough to sleep I needed to find some relaxing music to listen to. So I did...and it is just the sound of ocean waves lapping the sandy shore line. I love it! Speaking of...maybe I should look for that CD and start attempting an earlier bedtime? :)

All photos found via Pinterest;
original links listed below each photo!
(photo via Outdoor Photographer)
(photo via Pinterest)
(Photo via Blue Eyed Beauty on Tumblr)

The coast in Alabama.
(photo via Pinterest)
Cancun, Mexico.
(photo via Pinterst)
(photo via Pinterest)
Tasmania, Australia.
(photo via Ninbra on Tumblr)
(photo via Pinterst)

(photo via
Limnia Port, Chios, Greece.
(photo via Tumblr)
Boardwalk in Florida.
(photo via Film North Florida)
(photo via Pinterest)
(photo via Busy Being Fabulous)


  1. My son used to listen to those types of CDs before bedtime every night. He would just set the CD to repeat and I'd go in there and cut it off when I went to bed. One of his favorites was one with water sounds on it (ocean, streams, rain). I agree; nothings sounds better to me. We always sat on out porch during rainstorms when I was little. :)

  2. I used to have a CD that was nothing but rain storms. Goodness, I loved it so much! The ones that come out now seem to have lots of actual music in them when I do not like.

    I tried the Ocean one before, but it made me have to get up to go pee every fifteen minutes. lol. :)

  3. Those photo's you posted are fabulous. The thing about pictures like that is I always want to get in the water or at least dip my toes in. The nearest beach is 4 hours away from here :(

    1. I know exactly what you mean! There isn't a beach anywhere near where I live lol.



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