Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blogging Tips | How To Find Your RSS Feed

I think more times than not I forget how to find the RSS feed for one of my blogs...and so in order to help myself remember the steps to the process I am writing up a tutorial for myself and to hopefully help out some of you guys too! :)

Step 1: Go to your blog Layout.

Step 2: Hopefully you already have the "follow via email" option you'll need to add least until you find the RSS feed and then you can remove it if you want.

Step 3: This new little window will pop up. Click "View stats and learn more".

Step 4: Select the blog you want to find the RSS feed for. As you all {probably} know I have a lot of blogs, thus all the feeds.

Step 5: See that tiny icon on the top left of the screen? You probably recognize it...It's the RSS feed icon. Click on it.

Step 6: Ta Da! You're on the RSS Feed. Copy that URL and use it for what you need to! Such as creating one of those cute social media icons on your blog! (Nope I don't have a tutorial up for that yet, but I will eventually!)

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  1. Thanks for this tip! Just checked mine for the first time and was pleasantly surprised!

  2. I just found this out last week when I added an RSS button to my blog. :)

  3. Thanks! These kinds of tutorials are so helpful. Found you through Everyday Harvest

  4. Hi there,
    Took me a while to figure this out too! :) Found you through the Harvest hop. following you on Bloglovin and Facebook as Katie Corley. Stop by my blog when you have a sec!

  5. Helen!! Everyone loves the new blog design! Thank you so much! I've got your Blue Eyed Beauty button up on the blog now too :)

  6. What wonderful tips. Thank you Helen for keeping us in the loop. You are awesome!

  7. Hi Helen,

    Great information. Thanks so much for sharing.

    This was one of the top 5 most viewed links at our party. We would like to invite you to grab our feature button and post it on your blog. We would also like to invite you to link up with us again this week. The party goes live tonight.

    Hope things are going well with the wedding planning. :o)

    The Busy Bee's,
    Myrna and Joye.


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