Swap Buttons With Me?

Well guess what, I do sponsor spots for free!
I firmly believe that you shouldn't have to pay to have your blog sponsored and therefore I'm open to swapping buttons with most anyone who feels the same way.
The Deal
ONE sponsor slot for THREE MONTHS! Yes, 3 months!!
I may or may not be giving your blog a SHOUT OUT during that time...I try to do my best, but I can't promise anything because I'm a busy woman with lots to do...so hopefully I can get you a shout out during that time.
I'm offering a 120x120 SPONSOR SLOT at the bottom of my blog. Any page, post, or link to my blog will show the buttons...I used to have 200x200 buttons on the sidebars, but I wanted to be able to have more sponsors and sponsor more blogs so I've moved the sponsor location to the bottom of my blog where I can now sponsor 36 blogs vs. the 10 I used to have open.
Swap with Me!
If the agreement above sounds good to you then please shoot me an email! I will get back to you as soon as I can. Of course, if all my sponsor slots are full then I won't be able to swap with you right now, BUT I can save your info and let you know as soon as the next spot opens up! :)
How It Works
Once I get an open slot I will take your SQUARE button and resize it to 120x120. I don't mind doing this at all so if you don't already have this button size, don't worry about it. Even if your button isn't square a can probably still work with it...but we'll deal with it when it comes to that.
I will create the code I need to add your button to the current mix and then shoot you an email to let you know it's live! When your button 'expires' I'll let you know and we can talk then! **If I have people on the waiting list however, the best I'll be able to do is offer you the next spot on the waiting list and contact you then.**
Please Note
I do reserve the right to refuse a sponsor slot to any blog that I feel is not a blog I can sponsor with a clear conscience...This rarely happens though so please don't let this scare you off.

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  1. Helen did you put my button on? I could not get your button code to work


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