Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Is Me | Housework

So ever since I've lived with Autry at our apartment I've discovered something that I didn't ever think was possible: I hate housework! There, I've said it... Washing dishes is the worst, but using the vacuum, cleaning the bathroom, and dusting just aren't my friends. I do, however, don't usually mind folding laundry. It's not my favorite chore, but it's something I'd rather do over everything else.

So with moving to the new house I've decided that things will need to be different. I'll be working on a few ideas to help me keep a better handle on having a clean house. Things like make an erasable check-off list that I can work on each week. I also was considering doing a jar with the name of each room on it and then each day picking out a paper (or whatever I use) and doing the chores for that room. Like I said, who knows how these things will work out, but maybe something will help. I guess we will see.


  1. I despise washing pots and pans. They're my greatest enemy. Folding laundry is also pretty terrible for me. I like your jar idea. I think that would actually make cleaning fun.

  2. lol. I love the honesty. This was a gr8 post! I actually don't mind housework. When I was living at home with my mom, I was bad at it. Now, that I'm on my own, I act just like my mom about cleanliness. My favorite thing to do is laundry. Idk y but for some reason that's my favorite.

  3. I'm right there with you about! I love the sign, why chance it? :) I'm blessed to have a helpful hubby so we split up the housework and that helps motivate me a bit. Good luck with figuring out a routine that works for you.

  4. Oh how I hate housework! My husband and I try to share some of the chores. I have yet to find a nice schedule to get everything done. Because my husband works every other Saturday, I usually tackle the house on the Saturday's that he works. Light cleaning goes on during the week on the weeks that he doesn't have to work. That way our home is fairly well maintained. I can't wait to see what works for you. :)


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