Saturday, January 5, 2013

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Since I had the wonderful, awesome, marvelous opportunity of co-hosting "That Friday Blog Hop" yesterday which is run by Miss Rebecca @ Let Them Eat Cake and Miss Chrissy @ A Lil Dash of Diva (both wonderful blogs by the way!) and I had so many lovely visitors and new followers, I figured I should do a mini introduction so that you all could get to know a few things about me now that you are following my blog!

First off though I'd like to say Welcome to all the new followers! I am truly honored that you are following my blog! I will try my very best to visit each and every one of your blogs and leave you a comment so you know I visited! :)

I will warn you that I write A LOT! I try to keep a fairly consistent schedule for what types of posts come out on which days of the can find the full list whenever you want on the About page and I also have it convienently posted on my right side bar! Sunday: Words On Sunday & Apostolic Links Updates. Monday: The Survivalist PostTuesday: Styles I Like & Outfits. Wednesday: The Wednesday Weekly Review & Blogging TipsFriday: Homemaking 101. Saturday: Things I Heart. Popular series lately: 10 Day YOU Challenge Posts & Get To Know Me.

Enough about blogging, now let me introduce you to ME! I have decided to write random facts about myself since they seem to be more interesting than trying to come up with things off the top of my here goes...oh yes, and all of these came from my Pinterest board This Is So Me so if you'd like to see more you know where to go!

#1 The first thing you should know is that I am an Apostolic Pentecostal girl! I've been Pentecostal for a little over a year now seeing as I've been in church as of January 1 of 2012 and this is now 2013!!! I don't wear jewelry (but I will wear a wedding ring, when I get married unless I have a change of heart), I do not wear make-up as of November 2011, I have worn skirts and not cut my hair since September of 2011. I absolutely love my faith and relationship with God that I have now! It has never been stronger! (I was raised Baptist and have been to many different denominations of churches before I found AP.) Read more about My Beliefs here.

#2 I am without a doubt, in the best relationship I could've ever asked for or dreamed about. God knew exactly what he was doing even though I felt like a heartbroken girl (thank goodness only two times!) before Autry came along and swept me off my feet and right into his heart! Read more about our story here! Not only that but now we're engaged and will be getting married soon!

#3 This is really true though...sad as it is...oh and mom (I know you're reading this) ...I really don't do this all the time!! I promise!

#4 I'm a mega procrastinator. Although I've often wondered...why on earth does this word have 'pro' in front of it?? Isn't that supposed to be like a positive thing? Really though...I wasn't joking about this...

#5 My obsession with the TV show Friends started when I began my job as a Sales Associate at Old Navy...corruption to the core lol. I will admit that I don't watch much TV, and I rarely watch this show...but I saw this picture and yes...I totally read this using his voice!

#6 The true reason I never start a diet is really because I just cannot! start a diet on any day but a Monday!!! That would go against the code! What code? I have no clue...but it just feels wrong to start a diet on any other day of the week!!

#7 Very random indeed, and probably something many of you will never ever have to experience in person (thank God! lol), but funny all the same!

#8 This was probably the most random, useless fact of all today...yes I think this one will take the cake...

I hope you all enjoyed this post. It was quite out of the ordinary for me. I usually am a lot more serious (really, a LOT more serious) but I'm trying to not always be that way...It's just hard to remember to be fun. Thank you for stopping by and welcome again to all the new followers!

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