Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wedding Planning with Helen | Bridesmaids & Groom's Men Style

Okay first of all I have to admit that planning a wedding is MUCH harder than I EVER expected it to be! There are just SO many details involved! Wow. Anyway, as you *should* have seen recently I shared with you the dress I'll be wearing for the wedding! It's just GORGEOUS! Today I'm back to share with you what the Bridesmaid's and Groom's Men will be wearing for my wedding to Autry! Also, I finally completed our registry at WalMart! That was a long process since I had no clue what I was doing...but I think it turned out pretty well! Check that out here, if you're interested of course! And as always, all wedding details are shared over at The Story Of Us: Love...Forever & Always!

Let's first start with the bridesmaid's since {in my opinion} their outfit is MUCH more fun than the men's outfits! lol. For as long as I've had a Pinterest account I've found lovely ideas for what I'd want to do when I got married...I never knew how big of a role all those ideas would play in my wedding...and the bridesmaid's outfits are a classic example. I found the photo just below of the bridesmaids wearing long skirts on Pinterest:

{photo via Elizabeth Ann Designs}

The Outfit
~Floor length black skirts
~High neck black lace tank tops/t-shirts
~Grey cardigans
~Silver heels
~White fabric bouquets
On to the men's outfits for the wedding!
The Groom's Men
After much discussing with Autry & Aunt T (his aunt) we finally came up with an outfit for the men that we were all pleased with! This was quite the feat, but I really do think the outfit will really compliment the bridesmaid's outfits and the theme of the wedding (which is vintage/rustic).
The Outfit
~Nice jeans (aka no holes!)
~Black button up shirt with grey pinstripe
~Cowboy boots
*Black suit jacket for Autry only*
There you have it! The next piece to the Stafford-Deeds/Brawley wedding!


  1. Great outfits!! I'm so excited for you. :).

  2. I love both decisions, Helen! It will be a great wedding! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Very nice....I love how every wedding is different and uniquely you!! :-)

  4. I agree, bridesmaids outfits are definitely more exciting then the men's outfits!

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