Blog Restyling

So if you're here then there are probably three reasons for it:

1. You want your blog redesigned.
2. You're probably just here by chance.
3. Or you want to check out what I have in designs.

Any of the above reasons is awesome with me (especially #1 lol). Okay, seriously though, I'm thrilled you're on this page and if you have any questions for me I'd be glad to answer or at least try to!

To check out design packages please check out this link to the Blue Eyed Beauty Store. I have 6 things up so far and that ranges from a Fully Loaded package which includes practically everything you could do to a blog design to the break down of individual items such as only a header, or only social media icons, or only a button...Basically, just GO check out the packages and then EMAIL ME and let me know which package you're interested in and what kind of style you're thinking about for your new look and we'll see how I can help you out! Yay! :)

Blogs I've Restyled
Post About Blogs I've Restyled
{by the way these are in order of newest at the top of the list}

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