Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Prego With Style | Christmas Red & Black

Last week I shared with you all our Christmas Maternity Pics. I thought I would do an outfit post on what I wore. It was one of the few favorite outfits I've put together this past month (minus the tights which were only on long enough to take the photos since they were WAY too tight!).

Bow headband: Dollar Jewelry Store in Oklahoma.
Red maternity top: Motherhood Maternity (Thrifted for $3 at Goodwill!)
Black Scarf: Old Navy years ago.
Denim Maternity Skirt: Made by Me!
Black Tights: George brand from Walmart.
Black Ankle Warmers: Rue21 years ago.
Black Knit Boots: Old Navy years ago.

To see more photos in this outfit be sure to check out the Christmas Maternity Pics post! There are a few close ups and other angles on the outfit which you can see there.

The photos were taken on Christmas day. I was 37 weeks and 1 day along in the process. From December 24th and continuing I've had Braxton-Hick (fake) contractions every single day. Some are really intense, others aren't so bad. The baby is definitely lower than he used to be as he hits down multiple times a day and sends a little shot of pain running when he does hit the bottom. I am honestly quite ready for him to be out, but his due date isn't until January 14th so who knows. Maybe he'll decide he wants to be early!

I thought I'd do another outfit post/pregnancy update post since I enjoyed putting the last one together and it's been a few weeks since it went out. A lot has happened since that post: the baby has gotten bigger, we've gotten a few more things put together for his arrival, we celebrated Christmas and tomorrow we celebrate New Years! Yay!

How Far Along: As of today (December 31st) I will be 38 weeks exactly. Two more to go!! Unless of course baby decides to be early which would be totally fine with me!

Weight Gain: Over all I've gained around 35 pounds. Although it was hard for me to accept gaining weight as a good thing (seeing as two years ago I had a massive weight gain which took over a year to get rid of due to a medicine I was on for my brain injury), I am hopefully that at least half of the weight will be gone the moment Little Man is born!

Maternity Clothes: Honestly I'm tired of clothes, maternity or regular they are all annoying! None of them fit right and almost nothing is comfortable except for my sweat pants! Thank God I don't have to work so I can sit around my house and be comfy!

{photo via Walmart}

Stretch Marks: I reported on November 12th of not having any... it wasn't long after that when they started to show up. I now have quite a few of them due to Little Man growing so quickly. They really bothered me at first, but I think not being able to see them helps... for now. I have found that they are SUPER painful (like a burning pain from the skin stretching) and occasionally they're itchy if you scratch them it only makes the burning worse! I have found that regular skin lotions are no good on them, that Curel hand lotion makes the skin feel tighter (not good!), but I have found that the Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Cream (a gift from someone) works well to keep the area moisturized & less painful. It is super greasy though so you will probably want to wear an undershirt so it doesn't get on your good clothes (though it hasn't stained anything I've worn over it as far as I can tell).

Gender: As you all probably already know, we're having a boy and we're very excited about it!

Movement: Little Man moves his hands, feet, elbows, and knees quite a bit and when he does it's usually not too bad, but occasionally it really hurts! He has one foot that is almost constantly up under my rib which can get annoying when that area starts to burn. Its so weird to be able to feel his arms and legs! He will push out and for a few seconds you can feel bits of his arm or leg (like his forearm area). Its so weird! I can't wait to hold him!

Sleep: This past week sleeping & resting is all I feel like doing! Its quite difficult to have energy to do much else since I've been in a lot of pain (all the Braxton-Hick contractions, and baby being really low). I told hubby: "you know I don't feel good when I don't even want to browse the internet!"

Missing: Not being in constant pain, having a flat tummy, laying on my tummy... and laying on my back! Eating food and not burping the flavor for hours later. Being able to walk normal (right now I have a serious pregnant mama waddle! lol). Oh I could go on! I'm missing a lot of things right now, thank goodness we're almost to the end!

Loving: knowing that I'm almost done!

Craving: egg rolls!!! This has been my most major craving the past three weeks. These egg rolls are from Walmart and since I can't have my favorite egg rolls from Bamboo Garden back in Oklahoma these do to cut the craving.

Feeling: Still quite emotional. I'm also stressed, but it's mostly because of being in so much pain I don't want to do anything. I've been walking a good bit. Everyone says that's good for delivery, but it also helps me feel better for a little while.

Looking Forward To: Holding the Little Man!!! Not being pregnant anymore! lol. Being able to hug people without a big belly in the way AND not having to worry about bumping the baby belly into the table when I sit down to eat!

I'm excited about what is soon to come, and really looking forward to being a mommy! I got the rest of our hospital bags packed on Christmas so we're all ready for him to decide he wants to be here now. I ordered the Nursing Pillow and am looking forward to it's arrival (hopefully later this week or early next week!), we are getting ready to buy the cloth diapers and we found a car seat! I really feel like things are coming to close in the area of preparing for baby and that's a wonderful relief! (Read more on the Baby Get List.)

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