Monday, December 16, 2013

Add Tinsel to a Christmas Gift You're Shipping

Not too long ago I was reading on one of my favorite blogs{Rain on a Tin Roof} with a post on different ways to use tinsel. Not only did she write a post on Ideas for Decorating with Tinsel, but she also shared a few photos of how she used tinsel around her home in the post Christmas Home Tour {Part 1}. It had been a few weeks since I read her decorating ideas post, but when this project was put together I just knew I HAD to share it!

I personally cant use tinsel in my house because we have two cats who are much too curious and like to try and eat things that are long and stringy (tinsel fits in that category). And not only that, but hubby hates tinsel so I will just have to survive with using it to put in boxes of gifts that are shipped off to friends & family!

All you have to do is fill a box with the things you're going to ship. "Decorate" with a little tinsel, add packing peanuts to fill in gaps and keep things from moving around, then add some more tinsel! And if you want it to look even cuter put a pretty bow on top!

I think the tinsel and packing peanuts combo in the photo above almost looks like snow, don't you?

So that's how I've used tinsel lately...

what about you?

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