Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guest Post | Rebcca @ Let Them Eat Cake!

and today I'm sharing my tutorial on how to make
This was my first time making these but I knew they wouldn't be hard at all. They seemed so simple and I was right. So I decided to share with you how I went about doing these. They turned out not too shabby for my first attempt.
~Pack of onesies {I used only four}
Small cupcake box
~Cupcake baking cups
~Small fake flowers
~fabric tote as a gift bag
~hang tag
~clear tape
~choice of ribbon {as you see, I had a ton to use}
So the end result I was very happy with. And it was super easy, inexpensive, fun, creative, and not to mention a hit at the shower! Everyone loved them. Which I was happy about that my gift was the talk of the party :) I can't wait to do more of these!


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  1. Love your onsie cupcakes!! They are so creative!!!

    Take care,


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