Saturday, February 9, 2013

Guest Post | Jocelyn @ Happy Cottage Quilter

Hi there, I'm the Happy Cottage Quilter. I have a quilting blog where I share about my Quilting adventure. It's a journal of sorts. And about my Happy Cottage? We don't exactly live in a cottage, but in my heart we do. It is the cottage that we bought when we first got married. We have raised our three children there. We have a large back yard where we have grown vegetables, roses, and now a lemon and orange tree. The memories are rich and full in this little house of mine. Laughter at the dinner table, games at the kitchen table. Children practicing piano and violin, M&M cookies baking in the oven, and along the way I quilt. :)
Helen has so graciously allowed me to guest post for her while she is preparing for her wedding. Today I want to share with you how I use my scraps of fabric to make Scrappy Cards.
Here's a little preview of how they turned out.
Aren't they perfect for Valentine's?
There are two links that you need to make these cards.
Scrappy Cards is the tutorial for making the hearts.
Scrappy Cards Part 2 step two putting the hearts on the cards.
Thanks so much Helen for this opportunity to share with your readers. Wishing you a wonderful wedding and a lifetime of happiness.
Happy Crafting!

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