Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guest Post | Larissa @ Papa Is A Preacher

Hello Blue Eyed Beauty Readers! First of all: thank you all for having me and thank you Helen for giving me this opportunity!
My name is Larissa and I blog over at Papa is a Preacher. Today I'm going to be sharing my first "official" outfit post. I probably fit in the "Modest Fashion" blogger category. See, I wear skirts. Every day. To school. To the grocery store. Everywhere. And I don't mean mini's...I mean down to the "proper", "old-fashioned", "prudish", and occasionally even down to "matronly".
Girls that wear skirts, are just as prone to fall into the "jeans (skirt) and sweater" rut. And believe me, if I wore pants then sweats and baggy sweaters would be my all-time uniform. Which is another reason I'm beyond thankful for always wearing skirts. It gives me that push to dress up every day!
For today, here's a taste of polka-dots, boots, messy hair, and mint!
Yes! Posing in my backyard is awkward, but I hope to get better at it and have some more natural-looking photos in the future! Bear with me? I'll get there!
I'll hopefully be posting these outfit posts more often on my blog.
Thanks again Helen! And congratulations from all of us over at Papa is a Preacher!


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