Friday, April 11, 2014

Ship An Easter Themed Box!

I have a sister who lives in Oklahoma and I miss her A TON! At Christmas I sent her a box and put tinsel in it {see that post here} and the other day I was at Walmart shopping for Easter candy and thought I'd put together another box to ship off to her. She got the box already so now I can publish this post and it won't ruin the surprise!

What You Need
A box to ship
Easter grass
Stuffed bunny (optional)
Lots of Easter candy!
A card (not pictured)

Because I had several different colors of Easter grass on hand I decided to use three and put it in stripes in the box. I think doing it like this made the box more fun!

Next add in your card (not pictured) and Easter bunny. This bunny has been around for years! I found it when I pulled out the Spring decor box. I'm not sure how this got missed when she moved, but I was glad to send it to her in the box.

Finally, add in the Easter candy! I think I put five handfuls in here and it was the perfect amount for one person.

I had fun putting together this themed box! I might have to do some more of these because she totally loved it! In fact, the day before she got the box she was shopping at Walmart and was talking to me on the phone and saw the Easter candy. She almost bought some but luckily I was able to talk her out of it since I knew what was coming in the mail!

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