Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Exercise Week 2

It's funny how in just one short week a goal you thought you could maintain doesn't work out so well. I am finding myself at that place right now as I'm writing this update. This past week I've found it difficult to keep up with my exercise routine. My original plan was to use my ab lounge and do my favorite Jane Fonda Aerobics workout video five times a week. I've quickly realized that this isn't a realistic goal for me and so we have our new goal:

I would like to do the Jane Fonda Aerobics workout video at least THREE times each week (my weekly updates run Wednesday to Wednesday). I would still like to use the ab lounge five times  a week since that doesn't take nearly as much time and doesn't put me in a soaking sweat which would require a shower.

Being soaked in sweat after the video workout is one thing I am really disliking. The main reason is because I have to take a shower so that's a good 1 hour every day that I'm spending working out and showering. Not that I don't want to workout, its the showering that's bugging me.  That and my body isn't used to working so hard so I have some super sore leg & butt muscles that need a break inbetween workouts.

{photo via 30 Day Fitness Challenges}

I was talking to one of my sisters and she told me she wanted to do one of those 30-Day-Challenge workouts on Pinterest. She and a friend were going to work through it together. I asked her what you had to do for it and she said all you have to do is a certain amount of squats every day. I was like, "oh I can do that!" So I will be joining them on that for the next 30 days. We got through the first three days of the challenge this week!

Workout Info for Week 2
Wednesday, April 2: nothing.
Thursday, April 3: nothing.
Friday, April 4: nothing.
Saturday, April 5: nothing.
Sunday, April 6: Jane Fonda Aerobics video, 2 sets of 20 on ab lounge.
Monday, April 7: 50 squats.
Tuesday, April 8: 55 squats. 2/20 ab lounge, JF Aerobics video.
Wednesday, April 9: 60 squats, 2/20 ab lounge

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