Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sister Style | Spring Purple & Black

Spring can be a tricky season to dress for! One day it will be nice and warm and the next it'll be windy and cool. Light sweaters, jackets & cardigans are the best way to get through this season. Picking jackets/cardigans in bright colors is a great way to spice up any shirt/denim skirt combo. Today's outfit is a regular short-sleeve shirt with a cropped sleeved jacket over it to keep off the chill:

Black Tiger Shirt: F.A.N.G.
Purple Cropped Sleeved Jacket: Miley Cyrus: Max.
Skirt: Old Navy.
Sparkly Shoes: Faded Glory.

The nice thing about layering jackets with casual outfits like this is if you get warm, you can always take off the jacket! When shopping for jackets DO make sure you try them on to make sure they aren't too tight in the arms/shoulders since you want freedom to move around easily. Something to keep in mind when shopping for cardigans: pick one in a size that will layer nicely over sleeved shirts as well as tank tops.

This jacket is several years old, but you really can't tell. It was purchased off a clearance rack at Walmart (my one weakness! lol.) and has been passed from sister to sister as one outgrows it. The silver in the shirt goes well with the adorable sparkly shoes which were also purchased from Walmart:

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