Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Monogrammed Spring Wreath

Let me first start by saying...I have discovered a new love: the love of making wreaths! The first wreath I did was this past year for Christmas and now I have two under my belt. {See that first one here.} This wreath is one I've wanted to make for quite some time, but didn't get around to until mid-April. I love the final wreath though and am glad I got it made!

Gather your supplies!

You Will Need
a wreath
hot glue gun
fake flowers
a sharpie and scissors

Lets start with the monogram!

1. Before you work on cutting out the monogram, plug in your hot glue gun and make sure it's got glue in it ready to go. It might also be a good idea to put something under the glue gun, as it will drip as the glue melts and gets ready to use (for those of you who haven't used a glue gun yet).

2. Using the sharpie, draw out the letter you wish to display on the cardboard. As you can see, I did mine free-hand so it wasn't perfect on paper, but that doesn't effect the finished letter.

3. Use the scissors to cut out your letter. This part can be tricky. Big scissors work best here I think. Also, shape up your letter anywhere you need to once you've got it cut out. The sharpie letter is just to assist you in cutting it out.

4. Flip the letter over and give it a few quick swipes with the hot glue gun. Start the twine wrapping on the back of the letter. Make sure to put the twine just over the edge so it will cover the end.

5. Using the glue gun, work small spaces at a time. First run some hot glue (only needed on the top side of the letter) and then wrap the twine around the cardboard and secure in the hot glue. Careful as the glue can burn fingertips before it's completely dried! Continue gluing & wrapping until the letter is finished.

6. Here is my finished 'S' monogram letter. I was quite pleased with how well this part of the project turned out!

Flower time!

7. In the 'gathering supplies' photo you saw two different flowers. When I started making this wreath I wasn't sure which flowers I was going to use, obviously I went with the pink peony's. Take apart each flower. The stem should pull right out of the base of the flower so no wire cutters needed here!

8. Now attach the 'leaves' to the base of each flower with a little hot glue. Arrange the flowers on your wreath and then glue in place. Arrange first though in case you end up not liking the way it looks the first time (I did mine 3 times before I ended up with the placement I have in the final photos). Glue the flowers down, glue the monogram down (that will take TONS of glue by the way).

9. Display your new wreath on a pretty hook for all the world (or just your neighbors) to see!

More photos of the wreath!

I think the twine blends in a little too much with the wreath, but I'm still happy with how it turned out.


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