Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Baby & Mommy Life & No Laptop...Again

Hello readers!

As you probably already know Little Man arrived in early January and I am SO SO SO glad I had blog posts scheduled for the whole month ahead of time! {Read how to scheduled blog posts on Blogger here.} Not only was it a good thing that those posts were scheduled ahead of time, but having them ready to go so early I had hoped I'd be able to work on posts about my wedding to share with you this month. However, that did not happen!

I was not at all prepared for how much work and time it would take being a new mom. I didn't realize I'd have to get up every 2 or 3 hours during the night to feed the Little Man, change his diaper (occasionally give him a bath when he peed on himself during the diaper change...), and get him back to bed. That process takes a lot longer than I thought it would! Due to the tiredness of being a new mom and recovering from giving birth I haven't written a single post the whole month of January! This is an odd thing for me since I usually write two or three a week to schedule when I get online. I think a big part of my not writing posts is due to the fact that my laptop crashed just before Little Man was born. I have yet to get it fixed, but am desperately missing it!

With the laptop being gone I have attempted using my hubby's very old laptop, but since it doesn't have Microsoft Word for writing posts or Picasa for editing photos I really can't use it for much of anything except sorting new photos into files of posts I intend to write in the future.

I had planned to share with you this month things about my wedding which I haven't written about yet. I still plan to share a few posts, but doubt very seriously I'll get to share all 15 of the posts I planned to write originally. Either way, it will be fun to show off the things I can.

I don't know how active BEBBlog will be throughout February because of the lack of a laptop at home, but I'll do my best. Thank you to all the readers who leave me lovely comments on posts! I read them all even though I don't usually respond to each of them!!!


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