Monday, March 2, 2015

Comparing Different Kinds of Honey

This totally happened on its own and was not planned... but we recently decided to compare all the different kinds of honey we had in our pantry... honestly we weren't surprised with the results.

Raw Local Honey, from our town: a really great taste, hint of wildflower in it. Raw local honey is good for helping fight seasonal allergies, soothing sore throats, can be used to treat burns and minor skin wounds, as a face wash and moisturizer, as a hair wash, and more (Notes 1).

Raw Local Honey, from our state: awesome taste as well! Before I found honey from our town, I bought some at a local store that sold raw honey from a town that wasn't anywhere close to us. While it did manage to help me with my spring and fall allergies last year, I am looking forward to doing even better managing seasonal allergies with the raw honey from our town.

Organic Wildflower Honey, from Aldi: this was my first time to buy organic honey. It has a pretty decent flavor, but is REALLY sweet! Buying "organic" honey can be tricky. (Notes 2) I would personally stick with raw local from what I now know about its benefits.

Generic Honey, also from Aldi: after smelling, and trying the above honey's.... yeah its NO comparison! We had bought this quite some time ago and rarely even use it now... after trying the other types of honey. We all decided it would be difficult to finish using this bottle of honey.

Verdict? Raw Local Honey from our town won the smell and taste test!

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